Super Smash Flash 2

Play Free Online Super Smash Flash 2 Game is Version 0.9 has finally arrived This latest installment contains the most significant upgrades yet!

Super Smash Flash 2 Gameplay is very similar to the official Super Smash Bros. games. Unlike most traditional fighting games, a character’s health is measured by a damage percentage counter. As the character is attacked, damage accumulates, and the percent value increases. The higher the percentage, the easier it is for a character to be knocked off the stage. Play Hay Day Game Online


  1. New and improved knockback system
  2. New 16:9 window resolution
  3. Options for fullscreen hardware-scaling for lag-free gameplay (For Cltr+F fullscreening)
  4. Secondary buttons for shield and jump are now customizable
  5. Dashing is now implemented with custom options for each player
  6. New menu design with original music
  7. Customizable player names
  8. Menu is now 99.9% usable with keyboard keys alone
  9. Several Event Mode matches and a new Target Test stage added
  10. New characters and stages
  11. Loads of new stage hazard content to explore
  12. Significantly improved AI behavior
  13. Dozens of optimizations made to help maximize game stability
  14. And more!

super smash flash 2

Play Online Super Smash Flash 2

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